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Spanglish, Nowadays languageEdit

Every body has heard about spanglish, actually all of us more than once have used spanglish, at the begining just as a joke, but the fact is that sometimes we have used spanglish because of the influence of english in our every day life. As students of languages, we have a lot of contact with english, french and some of us with italian, and that’s when we make mixtures with all those.

Spanglish was born because of the immigration of lots of Latin American people(Mexican, Colombian, Argentinian, Cuban, etc) to different parts of Uited States; this phenomenon was create by the interaction between the two languages creating a new one, because of their needes.

Spanglish is a code switching of English and Spanish, commonly used by people who speak parts of two languages, or both, also it depends of the place where people are living. As in the past spanglish is very common in latin communities in United States also in the frontier with Mexico(Monterrey, Baja california, etc).In Argentina some british comunities use spanglish too.

Sometimes this is confused with anglicism, in some parts of United States this is not spanglish, actually they call this phenomenon pidgin( linguistic term).

In Spain Spanglish is used too, may be becuase of the influence of England but if we look at this phenomenon, spanglish is getting expand all over around the world.

In my opinion there exist not only a combination of English and Spanglish, because we’re speaking more than one language and we’re creating mixtures with those we’re learning.

Nowadays Spanglish is used in advertisement, a lot of people use this to attract buyers becuase of the original advertisement, and those just are marketing techniques to compete with other brands, becuase they know that the only way to attract people is doing something completely innovative.

Some other mixturesEdit

In the world exist a lot of mixtures, those were create because of the influence in some cultures to others.

Some others are:

Maraconic, which is used mostly in literature, a lot of writters have used this form in their books. Actually Maraconic y like Spanglish, but macaronic is used in some other parts like Europe and Asia.

Lozi is a Bantu language from Niger- Congo language family. Lozi is spoken by lozi people from the southwestern of Zambia. Lozi was create because of the mixture of two languages; Luyana and Kololo.

Bezenye is a village in Hungary, but this village’s population speak in a mixture of languages, none of which are used intheir standard forms.

Those are some mixtures like Spanglish, obviously the Spanish and English aren’t used in these mixtures becuase is in Europe and Asia where those are used.